The Complete Guide to Tennis Statistics

Choosing the tennis bet you know is not an easy task – statistics play a special role here. This means that studying and comparing player indicators is essential if you don’t want your entire bank. Bookmaker Parimatch in a single tournament

We recommend paying attention to several important statistical elements that reflect current tennis playing style and help in tennis betting.

Private meeting

Face-to-face meetings are an indicator of conflict that should be treated with caution. Cappers in Parimatch can be distracted from private meetings played a long time ago and have no specific correlation with upcoming games.

In the history of tennis relationships It is better not to look for victory over each other. But for matches where one player has an advantage on all surfaces and on one – in such cases. We can talk about the inconvenient gameplay of other competitors.

Roger Federer, for example, won 25 of his 28 games against compatriot Stan Wawrinka, but what was most interesting to us was – Stan won all three of his victories on clay – on fast surfaces. Roger never lets his opponent win. Moreover, we are not talking about a brief statistical anomaly – the tournament was held between 2005 and 2019. Obviously it is impossible to call such an advantage. accidentally

First hit percentage

First hit percentage is an important statistic for a tennis player who plays hard on serve. When the percentage of first serve is below average That player will not score points on his serve. The reasons for the decrease in this indicator may be:

  • aerobic (eg wind);
  • change of coverage
  • Problems with adapting to a new race for yourself
  • very much

at the same time There are a number of players on tour who feel comfortable at reception without powerful first serve. For them, a high percentage of first hits are not a determining factor in the game.

For example, in the 2019 match between Fabio Fognini and Karen Khachanov in Shanghai, the Italian scored only 48 per cent of his first goal during the game, significantly below his average record. However, this did not stop Fa. Bio from 6:3, 7:5 wins and only one serve.

Percentage of points won on your servings.

The percentage of points earned on serve sets the top tennis players apart from the average. The main thing in this indicator is the score on the first and second serve. Your ability to serve and serve with confidence greatly simplifies the task of scoring tennis players. And help you trust the reliability of the players when choosing tennis bets. Matches with the participation of such tennis players are easy to predict both in terms of results and totals.

When two tennis players play which has no credibility to serve Prediction is especially difficult. due to adoption Anyone can seize the initiative. Win multiple games in a row and come back to the game parimatch betting

Percentage of points earned at the reception

The percentage of winning points earned is an indicator not only of a player’s ability to accept an opponent’s serve. but also his abilities as a tennis player His potential when exchanging fists in rallies to play in the defensive line After all, being served unacceptable means earning points.

In men’s tennis on fast surfaces, more than 30% is fine and gives you peace of mind to rest.

Winner – enfors

The winner receives the ball actively and enfors an unforced error. A positive win-to-enfors ratio usually indicates that a tennis player is in good shape, however, these indicators should be treated with caution. Since it itself doesn’t matter – look for the relationship between them, parimatch betting.

It’s about the way tennis player Marin Cilic plays. An aggressive player who doesn’t expect the mistakes of his opponents can make more than 50 mistakes in a five-set match and at the same time win because The number of actively winning goals will be much higher. This was the case in the Cilic vs Verdasco game at the Australian Open 2019. Then the Croatian tennis player won with a score of 3:2 and the ratio of winners to bosses turned out to be terrible: 66 – 51.

At the same time, for Diego Schwartzman, a low indicator of 37 unforced errors in the match against Nadal at Roland Garros -2019 did not allow to count even in the set taken. In the end, Diego only had 26 winners. per match without reliable backline play It was difficult for the Argentine representatives to resist their opponents in the defensive line.

Therefore, before choosing “Because of Tennis””, you should pay attention to the tennis statistics that players have played in previous matches. Of the tournament In this article, we have highlighted only the key points, number of aces, double error. Percentage of perceived breakpoints The percentage of recorded breakpoints can also help. The ability to use statistics in their bets will help bettors earn more tangible profits in tennis betting.